Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Pills and me.


I did mention I was busy over the last while and a project I was working on with Muireann Lalor there at the start of the year came across my path. I illustrated images and characters for Happy Pills which is a sweet shop in Dublin. Muireann coloured in the illustration and did the fantastic graphic design for the shop. I did a few illustrations here and there for them. I spotted the drawing on a facebook page and said that looks familiar. Clicked on it and went I drew that which is a weird feeling.

So check out Happy Pills a fantastic sweet shop who are on Facebook and here is an image which I had a part of. Muireann has made a simple drawing look class. I also drew a colouring pic, a comic strip and a cow for ice cream for them.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Well it's been a busy few weeks. We are putting the final bits together of Issue 3 of Rírá thank goodness. And we have already made a start on Issue 4 which is due out in November. So all good there.

We are trying to get out the Wire and Gas War Anthology which is the brainchild of Mike Lynch and Martin Greene with art by Anthony O'Neill, Michael Ball and myself.

I have published two stories with Kindle just to see what that's like. So if you want to download the sample pages to your Kindle which can be downloaded easily to your computer, phone, etc. One story is called 'Two Short Stories: Sandra Dwyer and The Squatter' and the other is called 'Spoons and Feathers'.

We also have another few projects coming up and will be keeping you updated.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Friend has written book

Hi there, um it's been a while but a friend of mine has written a book and published it on Kindle check it out on for Irish or International people interested in reading it. And if you are based in the United Kingdom try for it.

It is called 'Psychosis and the Art of Hanging Cats' by Jane Heartfield. It is described as being 'half fact, half fiction, but which is which? It's a tragi-comedy memoir of drug induced psychosis, art, alcholism and recovery'. It's well worth a look.