Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rí-Rá Coimicí Gael mock up issue 1

Hi there. Getting busy now with the anthology comic. The cover has been kindly drawn by Bob Byrne. Cheers man for your time and Muireann Lalor laid out the mock up for the cover. I just said I would post it here for you all to look at it and see what you think. If there are any mistakes they will be altered. Also it won't cost €2.95 to buy it will be €2.50. Glór in Ennis are having a launch for Seachtain na Gaeilge and we have a table booked there for 27th of February so I guess we are going to be going hell for leather to get it out for then. I just love the look of this.


  1. That looks awesome! So much energy captured in that one image.


  2. Looks great!

    (Don't tell Bob i said that...)

    Seriosly, it looks brilliant. Can't wait to see the first issue.


  3. Hey dude,
    I'd make the logo bright yellow like the first issue

  4. Cool will do. I think you are right. Like I said at the start there are small bits (have to change the line at the bottom) that need tweaking but it is a decent job by both Muirean and Bob. Cheers Bob. I am the smallest bit giddy about this now it's taking shape.

  5. Such a great cover, the amount of energy in the piece is infectious to say the least!