Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got the comic

Rírá is done and printed. I got 3000 copies of the mag there Tuesday evening. It's now a matter of getting it all out there for everyone to see and buy really.

Easier said than done as my internet has decided to die on me Tuesday night. Oh the irony. Always happens when you really need something to work like when a character says I have never been happier than I have been with you and then watches as their loved one gets hit by a meteorite smack between the eyes in a British soap. Anyway...

We have been featured on a nós* magazine's (like Hot Press but in Irish) website and in the April edition of the magazine itself. If you want to read the article click on this link:

We are also going to be featured on in the next few days and we have a start made on the website which we are hoping to get going properly now in the next few days

Was going around my hometown of Ennis today and yesterday sold about 40 copies to the local gaelscoil here and the Ennis Bookshop took on 20 copies to have on their shelves. In total over two days we have managed to sell about 100 copies so so far so good. I would love if the response in every county is as good.

All important though is getting that internet sorted. Grr. I have never before felt so helpless in all my life, like the poor sods on the other end of the line in the I.T. Crowd (which I love).

Yes I switched it off and on. Yes I have checked to see if it was plugged in. I have...


  1. Nice one man. Looking forward to seeing it. You bringing it to 2D in Derry by any chance? Lotsa kids at that event, so i reckon it'd be a good idea.

  2. Wish I could but time am afraid won't allow me to. As soon as the internet is fixed at home we will have it available to sell it online or people can just contact me by email at or . Hopefully we will have a presence at a few comic type cons over the summer and at the Dublin Comic Con.

  3. Dear Aidan,
    It's essential that you try to approach either EasonMenzies or Newspread ( preferably the former) to get distribution for this - it's the only way to ensure widespread availability into larger newsagents ( many of whom sell books in some form as well). I work for a large newsagent , I think we would sell this ( given time for it to build up)but I can only get material from wholesalers as dealing with individual publishers is very messy for us.

  4. Thanks for that comment will look into that. Have considered it and asked for advice from a newsagents about it. For the most part we are in Bookshops not newsagents at the moment but it is an area we are going to have to look seriously at. I am not sure with the format we have A5 how we could compete on a newsagents shelf as most magazines are A4. It does seem to be working very well in bookshops though whether it be on Irish language bookshop shelves or by the till. Thanks will get onto it as I do understand where you are coming from with regards the individual publishers thing.