Monday, August 24, 2009

I've been away for a while

Hi all.

I am sorry it has been so long since I have updated this I have been really busy but we have been here there and everywhere. Since the last post we are online in an online store called based in Tralee, County Kerry. The page we are on this website is:

The excellent Comics on 2 Crow St., Dublin 2 has also taken on copies of the comics. This comic shop is absolutely fantastic filled with loads of old school stuff and I usually arrive at it's doors when it is closed from Ennis. It is open from 12 - 6 most days and from 3 - 6 on Sundays. If you remember any old comics from when you are a kid they probably have them you name it they have. Heaven. It is based in Temple Bar just around the corner from Filmbase. It is a class comic shop if in Dublin check it out.

Forbidden Planet also took us on as well so if you go to 5-6 Crampton St., Dublin 2 you will find us there as well. Phone: 01 6710688

Um, is there anything else I can think of worth mentioning. Um, had a great day going around Dublin today. Also am off to Belgium tomorrow so that should be fun. Oh and nearly forgot to mention Rírá has a facebook page now so if you have faceybook type thing try and check out*/pages/Ri-Ra/109857627861?ref=mif

Oh and very very important for those of you from Canada we are selling Rírá in Vancouver and donating some of the proceeds from sales at the Scoil Gaeilge in Vancouver to The Irish Monument in Vancouver. Check out

Also we are down as contributing corporate supporters which is mad when you see down at the bottom who is also down as corporate supporters from Ireland. Never thought of ourselves at corporate anything but I suppose we are:

Also people have been reviewing the comic or just talking about the comic here and there so here is one in Irish/as Gaeilge I will add others later:

That's all for now. I will let you know if anything else is happening next week.

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