Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rírá 2 is Out Next Week

It's true I've been quiet here over the last few months but have actually been busy behind it all. The next issue of Rírá has finally gone to the printers and next Wednesday I will have boxes of them delivered to Coimicí Gael. We should have the shop up and running then too for the next issue (as well as the previous issue for those who haven't gotten it yet).

Since I last put up stuff here we have been featured on RTE's Nationwide with John Cullen the artist behind Blackstar/Dúréalt. Mike Lynch and I made brief appearances in the report as well. Loads of people saw the mag on the telly and are asking about it now which is the main thing. If you feel like seeing the results check it out here:

Also we were invited to talk at the Ennis Book Festival http://www.ennisbookclubfestival.com/index.php along with Declan Shalvey of 28 Days Later and Frankenstein fame was there, Gerry Hunt the creator behind Blood Upon the Rose, Stephen Coffey of Celtic Knights and Dave O'Leary comic journo from http://www.comicrelated.com/ was there asking us questions in front of an audience who for the most part wouldn't have attended a comic or graphic novel panel. It was a great experience and was fun talking with Declan, Gerry, Stephen and Dave there.

So with all that I reckon I will be back posting here on a regular basis again but keep in mind next issue is out soon.


  1. Are you related to Carol Courtney Hale who was/is married to Stan Hale and has daughter named Shannon?

  2. Afraid I have not an iota who that is. It's not likely I imagine but then stranger things have happened could be a very far out relation somewhere.