Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Irish Comic News Awards 2011

Right congrats have to go out to all that were involved in the fantastic new endeavour that has been going on the last few months at Irish Comic News.  They are providing on the spot news on the Irish comic scene which is badly needed and also HUGE fair play to them for providing a spot where the talent of Irish comics can get a bit of the spotlight with their Irish Comic News Awards.  I am absolutely thrilled for this years winners of the Irish Comic News Awards 2011

Big shout out (god I sound like a bleeding DJ) to Mike Lynch and all who won.

Cheers to the team behind Irish Comic News for doing great job so far.  Class stuff.

Small frustrations in life

I finally start a post after ages of not posting and it won't let me post. Oh the humanity.

Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones

Hi, am currently finishing up illustrating an album cover for Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfe Tones. Here is a caricature of Derek Warfield for the back cover. I had great fun working on this looking forward to getting my hands on a hard copy.