Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rírá 4 Talent in the Next Issue.

Right so, Rírá 4 has been given the green light.  The last few issues were really well received and I am gonna name the people who have gotten on the list.  God, I wish I could get everyone in the pages of the comic but here is a list of Irish talent involved:

Bob Byrne, Alan Nolan, Philip Barrett, Maeve Clancy, Mike Lynch, Michael Ball, Alma Ryan, Alan Ryan, Eoin Ryan, Stephen Downey, Elida Maiques, Paddy Lynch, Davy Francis, Fintan Taite

And that's just the art and writers.  The background people are the talented Muireann Lalor who is our graphic designer head honcho.  And Gabriel Rosentock will be keeping an eye on the language.

And me?  I will be steepling my fingers grinning like a Bond villain saying, 'Let them come.  We are ready,' but that's another movie.  I can't believe the talent we have in the Irish comics scene, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  We plan to sink a few ships with this team though (not really but you get my meaning I hope).

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Coimicí Gael New Project 4

So have coloured the first page to see how it looks of the younger kiddies book.  And there you go.  Far from complete but there will be lettering and I'm not 100% convinced about the clouds.  So another 59 pages to go.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sarcoidosis, you are a pain in the Bum.

So, I've been off for the past 6 months sick and, on days I have had energy, I have drawn stuff as well as do a little creative wise.  I have gained about 2 and a half stone on steroids and the change over to another drug yokeymebob has knocked the energy levels.  There was a time there a few months back I found it hard to walk about the place.  Still do to be honest.  Now I thought I felt like I was getting better and I could do a little bit of energetic moving. So...

I decided to test this theory.  I got my skipping rope out and decided to test meself to see if I could manage a few minutes of skipping as I want to go back to normal.  I need to lose these extra 2 and a half stones (35lbs for those in the States and Canada).

I have sarcoidosis of the lungs and, apparently, the heart too so was getting worked up just thinking about it. I did it though.  I skipped for 2 minutes.  Towards the end of the two minutes I sounded like a broke concertina.  I was also leaking fluid like a sieve.  Sweaty and wheezy, not a great image.  Stopped for two minutes.  Skipped for a minute.  Stopped for a minute.  Skipped for 35 seconds.  Stopped and swore blind for a minute.  Skipped for 20 seconds, swore and gave up.  My body feels like I have just pounded it into submission, my chest is wheezy and I'm sorry I didn't just listen to me brain going 'Are you sure about this?'  Just have to admit am still not right.

I am just having a little moan.  It's a balls being sick the past few months.  There are people worse off.  But will look at the the up side on days I have had energy I have been able to draw bits and bobs.  The book I am working on to go along with Rírá 4 this year is taking shape and I think I am going to take out the skipping rope again later.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Coimicí Gael New Project Fly in Ointment

Yep, so am scanning in the pages for the new Coimicí Gael pages and I notice some little insect has gotten squished on my scanner.  I have to go back through the pages to see if a poor squished fly has pushed his little mug up against the glass in every page.  What flies do to get into comics, eh?

It is a bit yucky to be honest.  Ah well.  There you go.  I think it's time for my bed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sketchy Sketch 5

So was scribbling away.  Doodling out of boredom and Benjamin Grimm pops up.  I added a little ink to the doodle and hey presto, it's the Thing.  It's only a bit of a sketch left it at that, had bit of fun sketching though.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coimicí Gael New Project III

Here's a few more pages from that project I am working on alongside the fact that Issue 4 of Rírá is being put together.  The team of people for Rírá 4 have been assembled.  I will get all their thingymebobs and edit and put Rírá 4 out in October.  The stuff that has been seen so far looks great.  These are two more pages from that project that hopefully we will release in November on top of that.  So it is for younger readers so hopefully it appeal to Mammies and Daddies who like to read to their kids.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sketchy Sketchy 4

So I was scribbling away and was doing Desperate Dan chin.  Next thing you know Bananaman appears in my doodle.  For those that didn't grow up with Bananaman.  He was, for me, one of the funnier things to come out of DC Thomson.  I always loved the style and flair of the art which was by John Geering, who also drew Smudge, Puss n Boots (used to laugh hysterically at them knocking seven bells out of each other) and other stuff.  A sample of his Bananaman is here.  Currently Wayne Thompson draws Bananaman.  His version is here.  What can I say, I love his style.  Love the flair.  Great fun and funny.  He reminds me of a strip I read a few years ago when I could get my hands on it, a French strip called Captain Biceps.  Check this out Captain Biceps.  Funny stuff too.  Anyhoo, I was sketching and whatnot thinking about Bananaman and in no time at all banged this out.

Started with really rough sketch hadn't a clue where it was going. Then:

Inked it and stuff.

And there we go.  A quick (and frantically quick) colour and there's me attempt at a Bananaman.  Now something to note there's another Bananaman out there.  One that has been around a shorter time than the one I know and love.  This one is based in the States.  While I am curious to read the comic published by Crack Comics I probably won't, as I love the Bananaman I grew up with too much.  I'm sure there are many Bananamen out there.  The banana seems to be the fruit of choice for superheroes.

Eat more Banana's.  They are natures Mars Bar.  Banana sandwiches mmmmm.