Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comixology, why? Oh why!? And a promise to use this blog more.

So at the start of the week I signed into my Comixology account on my iPhone and it said that I had to download a newer version of the app.  So, with no thought at all to the recent acquisition of Comixology by Amazon, I deleted my Comixology app and downloaded the newer version.  It hit me as I tried to browse through the store of the newer edition of the app I could not browse through the new titles.  I thought it was just me so I proceeded to pound the screen with my bruised digits with venom for half an hour.  After much blustering, heavy tears, scratching my head a lá Stanley Laurel I went back to the app store and tried to see had I downloaded the wrong version of the really handy digital way of buying digital comics.  I looked to the reviews and noticed that one person had commented that they could no longer by  comics with the app.  Maybe it was a bug.

So I googled the issue, 'Why can I not buy comics on my Comixology app?'  It was then in the news section I came across some articles that made my heart sink.  Since then it has been reported in Forbes and in the United Kingdom by the Guardian newspaper.  .

I downloaded the Comixology app when I was bored in hospital one night and had nothing better to do than read.  What I wanted was a comic.  It was about eleven o'clock at night and I had just wrapped me head around the fact I had a smart phone.  It was a Samsung yokey-me-bob and I can't remember what I bought first but at about three in the morning my bank texted me to say there was some unusual activity on my account.  I had to get out of bed and explain over the phone in the hospital lobby to a quite amused bank security person that I was reading the Justice League in my hospital bed.

After a pause: 'Excuse me?'

'I am reading comics on my phone.'  It's very hard to explain that to a lass sniggering on the other end of a phone who is monitoring strange purchases on a card.

'Justice League?'

'Yes, you know Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash...' I slowed down around here as I realised I could hear her holding her laughter in.

'No.  I am afraid I don't know that.'  She laughed a little.  'I will register the purchases as comics.  You shouldn't (little titter of laughter here) get any more calls about this again.'

I remember being in a dressing gown standing in the lobby looking at my phone thinking, 'she thinks I am crazy,' followed by 'must check out some other stuff on Comixology now.'

I then moved to a iPhone and it was great.  Easy to use.  I could purchase a comic and read away no problem.  It was the beauty of the app I could, if I was in the mood, check online on my phone a wee book that I would might not have thought about sampling.  I don't live near any comic shops.  I worked in a bookshop for years and could get a graphic novel edition but if I wanted to check out a comic I could just sample it on my phone.  People who would not normally buy comics could easily just go to the app and try comics out.  It was a great way for people to just try out a series.  Don't get me wrong I still love the smell, feel and getting comics as physical things but for the digital just get a comic as a casual thing to buy Comixology was brilliant.

I know there are other ways of reading comics digitally but I did enjoy using it as I am sure others would too.

Such a pity really.

Oh and as I said above.  I promise to write on this blog more.  I have just recently gone full-time into freelancing and the first eight weeks has been interesting and fun.  Between workshops, chasing work and doing the odd freelance gig it has been fun.  I have tomorrow to answer a few questions from David Baillie