Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rírá 4 Talent in the Next Issue.

Right so, Rírá 4 has been given the green light.  The last few issues were really well received and I am gonna name the people who have gotten on the list.  God, I wish I could get everyone in the pages of the comic but here is a list of Irish talent involved:

Bob Byrne, Alan Nolan, Philip Barrett, Maeve Clancy, Mike Lynch, Michael Ball, Alma Ryan, Alan Ryan, Eoin Ryan, Stephen Downey, Elida Maiques, Paddy Lynch, Davy Francis, Fintan Taite

And that's just the art and writers.  The background people are the talented Muireann Lalor who is our graphic designer head honcho.  And Gabriel Rosentock will be keeping an eye on the language.

And me?  I will be steepling my fingers grinning like a Bond villain saying, 'Let them come.  We are ready,' but that's another movie.  I can't believe the talent we have in the Irish comics scene, this is only the tip of the iceberg.  We plan to sink a few ships with this team though (not really but you get my meaning I hope).

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