Friday, August 17, 2012

Sarcoidosis, you are a pain in the Bum.

So, I've been off for the past 6 months sick and, on days I have had energy, I have drawn stuff as well as do a little creative wise.  I have gained about 2 and a half stone on steroids and the change over to another drug yokeymebob has knocked the energy levels.  There was a time there a few months back I found it hard to walk about the place.  Still do to be honest.  Now I thought I felt like I was getting better and I could do a little bit of energetic moving. So...

I decided to test this theory.  I got my skipping rope out and decided to test meself to see if I could manage a few minutes of skipping as I want to go back to normal.  I need to lose these extra 2 and a half stones (35lbs for those in the States and Canada).

I have sarcoidosis of the lungs and, apparently, the heart too so was getting worked up just thinking about it. I did it though.  I skipped for 2 minutes.  Towards the end of the two minutes I sounded like a broke concertina.  I was also leaking fluid like a sieve.  Sweaty and wheezy, not a great image.  Stopped for two minutes.  Skipped for a minute.  Stopped for a minute.  Skipped for 35 seconds.  Stopped and swore blind for a minute.  Skipped for 20 seconds, swore and gave up.  My body feels like I have just pounded it into submission, my chest is wheezy and I'm sorry I didn't just listen to me brain going 'Are you sure about this?'  Just have to admit am still not right.

I am just having a little moan.  It's a balls being sick the past few months.  There are people worse off.  But will look at the the up side on days I have had energy I have been able to draw bits and bobs.  The book I am working on to go along with Rírá 4 this year is taking shape and I think I am going to take out the skipping rope again later.

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