Friday, June 15, 2012

Coimicí Gael New Project

Been feeling much better the last two weeks so have started a small little project (mostly to stop me from getting bored) for younger readers possibly publishing it with Coimicí Gael.  Here are three samples of the progression it's at at the mo.  It will probably be 60 pages long.  Guess what?  It involves ducks and other fowl.  Not Masterpiece Theatre but hopefully the end will be colourful, fun and easy for younger kids to get into. Or to have it read to them.


  1. Lookin well smart, nice and clean and lookin forward to seeing the next stage. :)

  2. Thanks a million. :) Well it's basically at inking setting up stage at the mo. Come another week or two. It will be at colour editing stage so fingers crossed it will all go well.