Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sketchy Sketchy 3 (Progress 2)

So have it inked up a bit more.  I have to add more detail to Wolverine's chin and arms.  I also have a sign and wall to put up in the background but so far I don't think I've mangled the midnight sketch too much yet.  Might add some colour during the week.  Depends on if am conked or not in the next few days.  Anyhoo, this is kinda fun.  Haven't done something like this in ages.  Oh and always these are two of Marvel's and 2000ad's most iconic figures in comics so yay to them.  Might be as close as I ever get to drawing 'em hahaha.  For pure fun's sake.  Best craic ever.


  1. Ah cheers, have to finish it yet. Needs other stuff added but am getting there (I think).