Monday, July 13, 2009

Caint Campaign Check it Out

A man by the name of Paul Feeney has set up a website where his vision of more Irish people speaking Irish on a regular basis is an achievable thing. The website is and he is a man after my own heart. He is all about people giving it a go and helping people who have an interest in the language. He is not trying to teach Irish or force it on people but just make it more accessible, fun and give people the chance to use whatever little they have. I think it's great. Check out his website. They have t-shirts and all sorts of Irish language related fun stuff on it. He has actually put a little button with us on it on his site which is class and thanks to him for giving us a spot on it.

I myself am learning Irish again with good reason of course, there is Rírá but I don't want to lose the bit of teanga I have at the moment (another reason I started Rírá I wanted to read more Irish language comics because I do read French and Dutch comics when I get my hands on them). I once sat an Irish interview for a job and surprised myself when the Irish interview went better than the job interview (I didn't get the job one lousy double meaning question anyway I digress) but when the results came back I had scored high in Irish. I punched the air I hadn't spoken any Irish since school which was four or five years before. When I lived in Canada for a bit I found that I spoke more Irish than I did here for the longest time. I met a really nice lad at my work from Quebec who's first words to me were 'Conas tá tú?' and I used to have disjointed but long conversations in Irish with him. I am out of practise again but I am improving everyday. I am making many mistakes and sometimes when talking to people I get embarrassed instead of just talking through it instead of thinking 'Jaysus, my Irish is awful and they are judging my Irish,' when I can murder French and be quiet happy with myself. In time though you do get better.

Caint Campaign is a non-profit group. I like their idea and I have a list of info here below for anyone interested in advertising or helping the campaign out on :


The Caint Campaign can provide irish businesses a unique portal to all lovers of the irish language whether they speak the language or not. The Caint Campign promotes the irish language daily to everybody through a youthful marketing strategy.

Reach thousands of people worldwide through ''
One Month €10
Six months €45
Per Year €70

The Caint Campaign keeps its advertising prices low as to encourage as many irish groups, organisations and businesses to advertise on its website to help promote the irish language. The Caint Campaign was not created for profit and all proceeds go towards maintenance of the site and store.

Don’t have your own designer? We’ll design your ad for free.

The Caint Campaign is updated and promoted daily.
Email '' for more information.

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