Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Story Download

Hi, for the next five days until the end of April 30th Sandra Dwyer and The Squatter is available for download for free from Amazon.  Sandra Dwyer and The Squatter are two short stories of over 10000 words altogether. They are adult short stories in English with tiny bit of swearing. 

Sandra Dwyer is the story of a young doctor who learns her father, the local doctor has died back in a village in the West of Ireland. Her past is something she doesn't want to get involved in again but her local parish is more than a bit superstitious and her father was slightly more open to it. Over 7000 words.

The Squatter is a kind of parody of a priest who calls around to someone who is not quite themselves. Over 3000 words.

So if you want to download these work away: Sandra Dwyer and The Squatter

If you like this Spoons and Feathers is available to download too.  Though not for free at the moment. 

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